​Rental Trailers

We have 3 rental trailers.  No smoking or pets are allowed in them as a courtesy to others that will stay in them and may have allergies.  There is a minimum of a 3 night stay for the trailers.  
3 night stay $275
Week $450
Month $1,050

There is also a security deposit plus holding a cc on file for the items in each trailer that is to be in cash & held at the office until your check out.  The items that are not included in the trailers are food, pillows, bedding & bath towels.
2004 ​Cascade Rental has 3 bunks & can sleep up to 7 people.
Springdale Rental has an awning, slide, 2 bunks & sleeps up to 6 people.
2002 Cascade Rental has an awning, 3 bunks & can sleep up to 7 people.  It is set up the same as the other Cascade just different colors.